Master of Science in Information Systems

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Business Intelligence & Analytics
Product & Process Management
IT Security
Software & Systems Architecture

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data analytics refers to the process of discovering patterns, understanding trends, and generating useful information from data to support effective decision making. Business intelligence is a dimension of data analytics that involves transforming industry or company data into information that can be used to an organization’s strategic competitive advantage. Skilled analysts are well-versed in the technical aspects of working with data, and also have domain-specific knowledge (e.g., company, industry, country, etc.) related to the data under examination. Companies rely on analysts to identify inefficiencies, improve operational processes, reduce costs, and enhance revenues.

Data analysts ask: How can we use data driven technologies to generate information that creates a competitive advantage for our organization?

Product & Process Management

Operations managers make decisions about how to design and manage products, processes, and services. They direct the acquisition, development, and employment of the resources their firm needs to deliver the goods and services their clients want. The role of product and process management can range from strategic to tactical and operational levels. Some strategic issues might include determining the size and location of manufacturing plants, deciding the structure of service or telecommunications networks, and designing technology supply chains.

Operations managers ask: How can we most effectively and efficiently produce and deliver our services/products?

IT Security

In the rapidly changing world of technology, IT security poses ever-evolving challenges to businesses, governments, and individuals. Organizations need professionals who understand how to secure their most valuable information assets. This task has become a complex process with systems and processes that need to be continually updated and reviewed. IT security professionals must balance the demands of individual business users with the organization’s need for data confidentiality and integrity. An understanding of IT security is also integral to positions that involve working with big data.

IT Security specialists ask:  What are the cost/benefit analyses of different data security options, considering the competing needs for accessibility, protection against security breaches, and financial constraints?

Software & Systems Architecture

Systems architects design and manage the large and complex systems that support the diverse functions of an organization. Companies today must employ multiple technologies to meet business needs. Lack of integration across technologies creates inefficiencies, increases costs, and exposes an organization to unnecessary security risks.  These are critical challenges in situations where companies are looking to adopt new technology or where organizations have combined as a result of a merger & acquisition. CEOs and other business leaders depend on systems architects, who use their expertise in systems analysis, design and deployment to successfully orchestrate these changes in the technical infrastructure of an organization.


Women who play a sport are more likely to be hired.

What influences a female executive’s hiring decision? Yes, it’s talent, experience, drive and motivation of a candidate. But three out of four female executives say that candidates who play a sport are looked at more favorably in the hiring process.

Ernst and Young’s Women Athletes Business Network and EspnW did an online survey of 400 female managers, half of whom were C-level executives (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.,) and found that many of them had athletic accolades themselves. A total of...

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Women's Week at the University of Utah

It’s Women’s Week at the University of Utah.

That means a week chock-full of speeches, workshops and discussions about women’s issues, and the Eccles Extra blog will focus on topics ranging from the gender wage gap to women in leadership to successful women in business.

If you’d like to participate in a Women’s Week activity this week, here’s a rundown of events. Click here for more information.

What event(s) do you plan to attend?

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